Adrian Helmet

Battle of Ulai (click on image below

to see animated Assyrian relief)

Battle of Ulai

Museum visuals

Museums offered the best opportunities to produce graphics for the newspapers. The historical content was usually relevant and informative and techers were surely going to show their students in class during the week following publication, so the article would reach a wide audience. Exhibit setups were also very relevant. They usually had strict requirements regarding temperature, space, lighting, ventilation, humidity and transporting artifacts. Sometimes restoration involved the expenditure of public money so the public was always iterested in where their tax dollars went.

Museum Graphic

Museum of Industry,
Tug Boat Baltimore

Restoration of the oldest tug in the Chesapeake Bay, view of how the engine works.

B&O Museum,
Roof collapse
Record snowfall crushed artfacts, ho it happened view of damage
B&O Museum,
Restoration Facility
A building designed to restore locomotives on site. A cool exhibit on its own.
Fort McHenry,
1812 Battery
Building a rampart on the site of the old 1812 battery. Models of the English ships that bombarded the fort.

Walters Art Museum,
Egyptian exhibit

Making the Egyptian exhibit fit the most recent codes for space.

American Indian Mueum Model of the unique buiding in Washington.
The National Aquarium The Aussie outback comes to Baltimore.
Fort Miles, Del.,
Spotting tower restoration
Beneath the sands of your summer vacation spot in Delaware is a fort with huge naval guns.


JCDavis_Roundhouse Fort Miles Naval Gun

Animated models can give a good view of how old artifacts looked in action. The B&O Museum has old trains you can ride, but some of them are better left under cover. Those that were damaged in the collapse are behind glass until they raise the money to restore them.

The Fort Miles museum is in the process of growing. The towers are the most visible part, but the artillery bunker is impressive. I am working on improving both animations, but render time is extensive with "hypervoxel" explosions.