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Historical illustrations

This is an over painting of the Battle of Ulai shown fursther down the page. The Assyrians fought their way into Elam as depicted on a famous wall relief.


Assyrian troops under Assurbanipal invade Elam at the Battle of Ulai



Here are two illustrations inspired by the reliefs at Angkor Wat in Cambodia.

-- Lamont W. Harvey

Khmer L. W. Harvey
Khmer fighting traditional rivals the Champa from the east.
Khmer2 by L. W. Harvey
A more fantasy type image with a Chinese dragon. Here are some pages for a comic about the Assyrians under Ashurnasirpal. Text has been added to the pages.

-- Lamont W. Harvey

Assyrians 3 by L.W. Harvey
Assyrians1by L.W. Harvey
Assyrians 2 by L.W. Harvey
Assyrians 3 by L.W. Harvey
Assyrians 3 by L.W. Harvey
Below are two paintings in progress.The first showing the Assyrian victory over Elam at Ulai River, the other an Egyptian victory over the Hittites at Dapur.
Ulai by L. W. Harvey
Dapur by L. W. Harvey
Below are military illustrations I've done for the Army Times and the Baltimore Sun.

-- Lamont W. Harvey

Five naval war illustrations I did when I was at the Army times. They include in chronological order ships from: SpanishWar





For an Army Times story on the book Breaking the Phalanx, I drew a picture of Persians under Masistius assaulting a Greek formation at Plataea:

And Pyrrhus' ill fated attempt to sneak into the city of Argos: