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NOW AVAILABLE: Invisible Soldiers: Untold Stories of World War Two


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Invisible Soldiers

Issue one, released June 2006:
Issue one of Invisible Soldiers includes three illustrated stories from different theaters of the war. The appendix also includes interviews with men related to the stories.

Peligro! Convoy

Eloy ChavarriaEloy Chavarria, a native of Costa Rica, joined the merchant marine in the 1930s seeking adventure and employment. Unlucky timing placed his ships in dangerous convoys bound for Murmansk, England, Australia and New Caledonia.

Interview: Eloy discusses his life prior to the war, shark attacks, hypothermia, post-war experiences in Korea, Cuba and Vietnam.
Cherchez Ouchi

Morotai PatrolAfrican American soldiers of the 93rd Infantry Division, white officers and Japanese American intelligence agents tracked down a Japanese officer on Morotai Island while dueling with reinforcements from nearby Halmahera.

Gen. Jake JohnsonInterview: The Hon. Jake Johnson, son of 93rd Division Commanding Gen.Harry Johnson, retells his fatherÔs career from WWI to the Japanese surrender in the Pacific.
My Nine Lives

Joe BrenigJoe Brenig, a Jewish native of Austria joins the French Army for operations against German units on the Gironde estuary in April-May 1945 culminating in the battle for Soulac-sur-Mer Interview: Joe discusses his family's escape from Nazis in Austria, the maquis, military service and the French in Vietnam.
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Issue two, released August 2007
Subject: Earl Cannaday, a member of Company E, 25th Regiment, 93rd Infantry Division.Earl Cannaday This unit was at the center of 93rd division operations on Bougainville, the first in the division to enter combat and on the line during a Japanese counter attack in early April. Company E had more confusing problems when they disembarked in the Philippines after the Japanese surrender.

Interview: Earl, a former school teacher and a native of Southern Virginia, was a great storyteller and loved to talk about his experiences during the war.Earl Cannaday